How To Create a Daily Affirmation

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Daily Affirmation : How To Create a Daily Affirmation‘’Finally! A Comprehensive Guide for Attracting Health, Wealth, and Happiness into Your Life’’With the constant flow of information on the social media and low self-esteem among most people today which have created negative mind-set that has kept them from manifesting their potentials and living the life that they’ve always dreamed of.This comprehensive handbook offers you with 365 most powerful DAILY POSITIVE AFFIRMATION that will help you manifests your desires and lives the life of your dreams.


With the help of positive affirmations, anyone can improve their mind-set and start manifesting. These are powerful tools that you can use to change the way you think and gain the following benefits

  • .Increase in your overall confidence for your abilities to get what you want.
  • .You can become more aware of your daily thoughts, which can help to help to reduce negative feeling.
  • .You will gain a more open heart that allows you to dream big.
  • .Enjoy increase energy levels and face your days without fear of challenges.
  • .Programs your subconscious mind and develop positive actions to help you reach your goals.
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Earl Nightingale stated that ‘’ The strangest secret that you are what you think’’ .He believed that if only you feed your mind with negative thoughts that you will ultimately experience your life through a dark lens.There is the need to incorporate the help of POSITIVE AFFIRMATION DAILY to improve your mind-set.

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                                     THE DAILY AFFIRMATION HANDBOOK

365 Affirmation For Attracting High performance in Health, Wealth, and Happiness Into your life.

How To Create a Daily Affirmation
How To Create a Daily Affirmation

If you actually want to increase your understanding and awareness of self-love, respect, confidence. The Self Love Handbook is for you. These are what you will get from this incredible and powerful affirmation handbook so as you can attract good health, enough wealth, and happiness into your life.

    • .Understand what positive affirmation are and how they work to manifest your desires.
    • .Learn why you should use affirmation every day to attract what you most desire into your life.
    • .Discover how to make affirmations work for you and what you need to do to ensure they are effective.
  • . Understanding Affirmations and How They Work
  • .Why You Should Use Affirmations
  • .How to Make Affirmations Work for You
  • . Affirmations for Attracting Health
  • . Affirmations for Attracting Wealth
  • . Affirmations for Attracting Happiness
  • . Affirmations for Attracting Success
  • .Discover how to bring in creative visualization techniques to make your positive affirmations more powerful and manifest your desires in less time.
  • .How to perform better academically, become a high performing athlete and excel at work.
  • .How to change your negative self-talk into positive self-talk and watch as more doors open for you so as you can accomplish amazing things in your life.
  • . How to dramatically change your life for the better and build an optimistic,  feel-good frame of mind.
  • . How to transform your negative mind set to one that is positive and gains the strength and courage to believe in yourself and follow your dreams.
  • .You will get a list of affirmations for attracting happiness into your life.
  • . Discover how to attract success in your life with powerful affirmation.
  • And lots more…


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