How to Do Functional Fitness

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How to Do Functional Fitness | Training Methodology For Real Life Application

”Discover How A Simple To Follow 15-mINUTE Workout Can Help You Boost Your Health And Fitness Almost Instantly”Find Out How This Workout Will Give You Better Result and Benefit You Tremendously In Real Life Application.

First you need to know these 3 consequences of not Exercising Regularly
2.Weak Joints and Bones Which Affects Your Mobility
3.You’ll Get Sick Easily.
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You may be thinking :”I am already too busy, i don’t have time to go to gym and spend long hours there most people i know”
But The Good News…
You Don’t have to spend working out Long Hours At The Gym…INTRODUCING …  FUNCTIONAL FITNESS : The Training Methodology For Real Life Application .THIS EBOOK IS THE GOLDEN KEY FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO :

1.Be in the best shape of their life
2.  Boost their health
3. Improve general well-being
4.  Improve mobility and flexibility
5.  Feel better about their body
6.  Lead a healthier life
7.  Be positive,high-energy,and motivated.

Do Nothing : If you choose to do nothing,your life will remain the same as where you are right now.Nothing new will ever happen.your health will be in the same comdition.there is nothing significant you can share with your other family members or friends in the next 30 days about how your health is becoming better.
Look for other Solutions : While there are other solutions out there,but I’ve already created a specialized exercise program that you can do from home to get maximum results with minimal time and effort.i don’t want you to waste your time on other programs and then get disappointed.I want you to get better.
Get the Functional Fitness eBook:   I have explained to you how the functional fitness guide can help transform you in the best shape of your life,improve your general well-being,boost your health all by working out for just 15 – 25 minutes a day at home.


Chapter 1

  • What is Functional Fitness?
  • Functional Fitness Defined
  • Complimenting Functional Fitness with Your Lifestyle
  • Is Functional Fitness Right For You?

Chapter 2

  • Benefits of Functional Fitness
  • Easier Movement
  • Stronger Support and Immune System
  • Look Better, Feel Better

Chapter 3

  • Functional Fitness and Other Exercises
  • 1 – Bodybuilding
  • 2 – Heavy Weight Training
  • 3 – Group Training

Chapter 4

  • Common Mistakes with Functional Fitness
  • An Everyday Routine
  • Love What You Do
  • Dieting : What you should know
  • Rolling with No Goals

Chapter 5

  • The 1st Component of Functional Fitness: Power
  • What is Power?
  • Power in your Daily Life
  • Power Moves

Chapter 6

  • The 2nd Component of Functional Fitness: Strength
  • What is Strength?
  • Strength in your Daily Life
  • Strength Moves

Chapter 7

  • The 3rd Component of Functional Fitness: Range of Motion
  • What is Range of Motion?
  • Range of Motion in your Daily Life
  • Range of Motion Moves

Chapter 8

  • The 4th Component of Functional Fitness: Balance and Endurance
  • What is Balance and Endurance?
  • Balance and Endurance in your Daily Life
  • Balance and Endurance Moves


Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is Functional Fitness?

‘Functional Fitness’ is the ultimate guide for people who wants to start exercising to be healthy,move better,and look at their very best-all without going to the gym spending long hours to look like a fitness supermodel.

2.What’s included inside the functional fitness eBook ?

You will get everything you need to know about getting started with functional fitness.Here are things you will discover from the guide:
what is functional fitness?
Benefits of Functional Fitness
Functional fitness and other excises
Common Mistakes with functional fitness
The 1st-4th components of functional fitness which are POWER,STRENGTH,RANGE OF MOTION,BALANCE AND ENDURANCE.

3.Who is this functional fitness eBook made for?
This guide is for everybody who wants to
Be in the best shape of their life
Boost their health
Improves general well-being
Improves mobility and flexibility
Feel better about their body
Lead a healthier life
Be positive,high-energy,and motivated

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